A world of opportunities awaits…BU can take you places!

    One word that would describe this industry is FUN. You get to work with different people from all over the world every day. There is absolutely no limit to what you do, you must always be ready to jump in wherever you are needed”- Idara Eze, Operations Manager of Aafin hotel.

    Wondering which industry she is talking about? Well read on and find out…

    For centuries the industry that has been dubbed the “golden” industry of the world has thrived and become the very definition of luxury, glitz and glamour. The billion-dollar travel and tourism industry is a vast, vibrant, dynamic and growth oriented industry that is said to account for five per cent of the world’s economy.

    Bringing it closer to home, according to the Nigeria Hospitality Report, travel and tourism is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s leading contributor to the country’s GDP and the largest employer of labour. I’m pretty sure this is true of many other African countries.

    As a millennial myself, such stats mean a world of opportunities are open to people just like you and I!
    You know what this means right? Yes, you too can be part of this rapidly expanding industry.

    The millennial generation accounts for 27% of the global population, making them the largest living generation by population size, and almost 1 third of Africa’s population is made up of them, who are the fastest-growing consumer group in the markets –they do more and spend more.

    Well, they crave new experiences and most wouldn’t mind going ‘around the world in 80 days’ to quote the famous Jules Verne cult novel. To remain competitive, several well-established traditional hospitality brands have even gone so far as creating new hotels that specifically attract millennial’s.

    This has resulted in millennial’s increasingly choosing hospitality as a long- term profession. As you know, we millennial’s like to travel, meet new people while socializing, and trying out new things.

    There is plenty of career progression for those who are committed and passionate about traveling and touring. One of the biggest benefits is that you can work anywhere in the world. There are different facets of the travel and tourism/hospitality sector such as:

    • Tourism Management
    • Hotel Management
    • Resort Management
    • Event Management
    • Convention Management
    • Hospitality Management

    So let’s look at some of the career opportunities that one can be exposed to

    Careers in Hospitality

    • Hotelier
    • Travel Agent
    • Restaurant Chef
    • Casino Director
    • Hostesses
    • Tour Guide
    • Food & Beverage Director

    Amongst the wide variety of careers options in the sector. The listed above are a few of them.

    With great prospects in the industry. Aspirants get to travel, while learning more about different countries and the global hospitality standards. The best thing about this profession is that it offers a dynamic work environment than any other occupation.

    Botho University offers a qualification in BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management for those who wish to acquire both knowledge and the skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry. This degree is designed to help take you places…literally!

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