Botho Graduate Profile

Botho Graduate Profile

The Botho Graduate Profile is the final product we aim to produce. Not all these traits can be promoted from the class room. We also recognise that most of our students are 19 years old and above and hence can be classified as young adults with many habits already deeply ingrained. To transform them to match this profile needs a concerted effort including creating a mind set change.

It is the aim of the University is to create an institutional culture that encourages students to realise their full potential. A new Directorate for Development was established three years ago and we have increased opportunities for students to test their skills out in safe environments through our Projects Office and internship programmes. Further through the Faculty of Continuing Education many programmes are being developed which can help the graduate acquire additional skills making them more employable. A personal management programme and many careers office initiatives give students an opportunity to be self reflective. The student feedback includes a self evaluation section. A number of extracurricular activities including sports are encouraged.

All curricular and extra curricular activities such as internships are built around the profile thus giving drawing student focus to their personal responsibilities of attaining the required attributes.

Career Traits

  • Knowledgeable

    having expertise in at least one area, with a broad understanding of other disciplines

  • Hardworking

    motivated, result driven and committed to delivering work of the highest quality both independently and in a team

  • Articulate

    able to communicate information eloquently, effectively and appropriately to a given audience

  • Innovative

    creative and always striving to improve existing ideas, processes and products to achieve better results

  • Entrepreneurial

    able to identify opportunities and take measured risk to create value

Personality Traits

  • Ethical

    Having unquestionable integrity and accountability

  • Positive

    Being friendly, helpful and optimistic

  • Confident

    Having high self-esteem with an ability to take decisions

  • Scholarly

    Committed to lifelong learning and research, driven by the curiosity to acquire new knowledge.

Social Traits

  • Socially Responsible

    Committed to bettering one’s own community and society at large

  • Cross-cultural

    considerate of and able to work and communicate effectively with people from different cultural and national backgrounds

  • Environmentally responsible

    Committed to conserving resources and protecting the environment