Office of Quality Management

Botho University established the Office of Research and Quality Management with the mandate to set up the most appropriate academic research infrastructure and enabling policy environment that makes research an integral part of the University’s vision to offer and deliver high quality educational experience to its students and faculty.  The University is committed to use research as a source and generator quality education, ethical practices, innovation and technology, and a producer of top quality graduates, who will confidently take their place and play their professional roles in making the national development agenda of Botswana a reality.

Research at Botho is one of the most vital and critical pillars marking the institution as a University of international standing. As part of its Strategic Plan, the University is currently pursuing vigorously a basic research capacity building programme and promoting continuous professional development for staff through innovation and research. The major thrust of Botho’s research programme must be viewed from a national context. It is based primarily on its passion to improve the quality of life of Batswana, meet the economic needs of our growing commercial and industrial sector and the Government of Botswana’s departments, contribute to the diversification and globalization of the national economy, as enshrined in Vision 2016 and serve both urban and rural communities through its prioritization of action, institutional and collaborative research. Collaborations, locally and internationally are pivotal to the accomplishment and realization of research output of national significance. This is the position taken by Botho University Research Office and at the same time the Office has opened up its doors to new ideas that will facilitate the creation and propagation of a research culture. A series of workshops are afoot to give staff and faculty requisite competencies, technical skills and confidence they need to undertake research in all academic disciplines as a matter of course.

The commitment of Botho to research has been demonstrated by its hosting of the Botho University International Conferences in 2012 and 2013, which were attended by renowned researchers and scholars from the Botswana, USA, UK, Nigeria, Finland, Canada, Liberia, Japan, Libya and Zimbabwe. Along with its growing reputation as a research and teaching institution, the University is educating its students to take advantage of the many professional employment opportunities made possible by emerging global tertiary education and research trends and positioning themselves to successfully undertake quality  research in an increasingly competitive world. Through research and quality, Botho is convinced that its academic standards in higher education will continue to attract the right professionals into its fold and produce the right academic programmes at the right time, the age of globalisation.



Internal Quality Assurance Department (IQAD)

The Internal Quality Assurance Department (IQAD) was established with the goal of establishing, implementing, maintaining and enhancing Botho University's quality management system. The quality management system adopted by Botho University seeks to enhance stakeholder satisfaction by formalizing and improving operations of the institution, both academic and non-academic. IQAD is also responsible for ensuring Botho University complies with all regulatory requirements of running a University.

Teaching Excellence Department (TED)

Botho University considers effective learning and teaching as a key indicator of quality and has set up a Teaching Excellence Department under the Office of Quality Management (OQM). The department’s main mandate is to ensure that lecturers and students get the support that they need to ensure quality learning. TED has been instrumental in improving staff teaching skills through targeted trainings and best practice sharing. The department also conducts relevant trainings for students to help them avail themselves of the learning experience offered at Botho. TED monitors teaching quality using the Botho Teaching Performance Index (TPI) which is a composite index of multiple measures of instructional quality. The department also works closely with the faculties and other internal departments to ensure that teaching and learning resources are adequate and functional in all Botho University campuses. The department works with both the Faculties and the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) to ensure that all Botho programmes are approved and accredited.