Botho University Strategic plan 2013-17

The senior management of Botho University is proud to present the strategy plan for the period 2013- 2017. This plan was built with inputs from a wide stakeholder group that includes staff, student leadership and external stakeholders such as regulatory bodies, government, community leaders, employers and the industry.

It should be noted that we were given approvals to operate as a university in March 2013, almost at the early stages of this plan. Most of our objectives remain the same even with the change of status except that the objective of becoming a university could now be read as creating a world-class university.

A review of the previous strategy plan 2008-2012, showed that the institution had achieved most of the goals that were then considered ambitious. The confidence gained by exceeding expectations on the previous plan brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm into the current planning process.

The year 2012 marked the 15th anniversary of Botho and this milestone was celebrated by "doing more" for the community we serve. The previous strategy established strong academic and management structures that drive sustainable quality through well defined processes and committed human resources. The current strategy plan proposes to take the institution to great heights since the college became a university. We now offer our own programmes and have steadily increased the number of faculties and programmes, including a proposed Engineering faculty, we have also successfully created an enabling environment for research.

The stage is set for Botho to become a powerhouse of knowledge creation, a strong provider of quality education and a driver for social transformation in Botswana.

Our focus on providing an excellent student experience has now been recognised by the market as we see an overwhelming number of applications for entry. The Botho Graduate Profile sits at the centre of all our endeavours to produce a well-rounded graduate who has employability skills and who can contribute to nation building and community development.

Botho University can be said to be a child of the nation, born and nurtured by Botswana's progressive policies that support the development of private tertiary education. We recognise the key role we play in supporting the national strategy for economic diversification and the national Vision 2016, we aim to produce valuable human resources in critical disciplines such as Computing, Accounting, various Business fields such as, Jewellery Design, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Administration and Engineering.

This strategy shall take the organisation on a path of growth and excellence in the next four years. The following four key results are expectedof this strategy:

  • Building a University
  • Investment in staff development
  • Improved student performance
  • Offering a wide range of quality programmes in critical disciplines


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