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    It’s a new school term.

    Nene waves at her triplets as they run gleefully into the pre- school compound. As she walks back to her car, she remembers fondly how much her life has changed since they arrived on the scene.

    Although she loves her little ones to bits, a part of her still yearns for more.

    Before the kids, Nene had always dreamt of being a high flying commercial banker. She would walk into the glassy skyscrapers that house the biggest banks in her home town and start visualising herself in one of those power suits and trendy corporate scarfs the female corporate bankers always sport.

    Imagine that. Nene without a hair out of place!

    But her life took a slightly different path after she met the love of her life in the first year of college, where she was doing banking degree. Toju swept her off her feet and soon enough wedding bells rang.

    When the doctor told them after just a few months, that she was pregnant with not one, or two, but three babies, it was the greatest shock of her life. But she knew that she would have compromise and put family first for a while.

    After several discussions with her husband, Toju, they agreed that she would take 5 years off paid work to nurture the children. After that, she would return to her career, and as a family they would work together to balance it all.

    Their triplets, two sweet girls and a rambunctious boy, turned 3 a month ago, but now she still worries that going back to the desk full time might be too much, too soon.

    Being the planner that she is, Nene begins to develop a re-entry strategy into the job market. She knows that two years is indeed, a very short time. She needs to put things in place for a seamless transition back to full time study and eventually work.

    Toju thinks it’s a great idea, too. But the problem is, how can Nene combine the pursuit of her going back to school with being a full time housewife? He does some quick research and stumbles upon the perfect solution for his lovely wife….

    “Have you considered doing an online degree?” he asks her “I just found a website for a university right here in Africa that offers very reasonably priced blended and online degrees”

    Nene gets on the website immediately and strikes gold as soon as she does! Botho University offers a BSc (Hons) in Finance and looking at the core modules, she knows she has found her perfect solution.

    I’m sure many of us reading her story can already identify.

    We all know the struggle to balance family commitments with enhancing ourselves academically, don’t we?

    Do you too need the flexibility to learn while you continue with your family responsibilities?

    Botho University’s online programs give you a chance for quality education, the choice to work and do school at the same time, and best still, at a fraction of the cost of most foreign universities.

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