Become a wizard of light-bulb moments with BU

    Every business starts as a result of passion and in this case it is no different.

    Meet Basadi Ohamile, founder of the concert ‘King’ in Botswana.

    After completing her studies, like many other young graduates, Basadi fell into same trap of being unemployed. However, the plague of unemployment did not stop her from exploring other options. She knew that she could not just wait for her break, she had to get up and start doing something with her life.

    You know the saying that goes, ‘If you cannot find a job, you need create one for yourself’ and that is exactly what Basadi did.

    With passion for communication and creativity as her motivation, she founded The Concept King.  A creative company specializing in communication and advertising services in its broad spectrum, including Public Relations strategy, Marketing, Brand Management, Promotions, Corporate Gifts, Print Booking, Graphic Design and Creative advertising (Press, Television, & Radio).

    The company offers creative strategies to clients and consumers to help them grow their brands and develop fully intergrated communication solution for them.

    Their company motto “ We stamp YOUR idea with Our Creativity” is truly a reflection of the work they do.

    Her self-resilience and inspirational story has seen her being featured on Lioness of Africa, an online community that celebrates women entrepreneurship and start-up stories in Africa.

    Growing up, Basadi was always fascinated by entrepreneurship programmes and would spend hours infront of the television watching them.

    The ability to explore and implement creativity without any due restrictions is what gives her most satisfaction as an entrepreneur.

    You too can become like the likes of Basadi and other successful entrepreneurs in the creatives sector.

    Are you a wizard of the lightbulb moments? Is being creative and coming up with great idea your best strength?

    Well, consider getting a degree in BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Systems from Botho University.

    Follow your passion like Basadi did!

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