Become an IT guru and bring your tech dreams to life

    It has come to a point where at your finger tap, mobile apps can turn into personal assistants.

    So imagine this… At the comfort of your couch being able to look for any barbershop or any business you want to make a purchase from, then with just an app to check the nearest shop you would like to visit, and within a few seconds, a list of the different shops that offer the same services that you seek is displayed on your screen! How cool is that?

    One of those making the lives of Namibians easy is an IT guru, Collin Nico/Uirab.

    Uirab is the founder and CEO of Omtenya Trading cc, a company that developed the Loc8 app.

    Uirab was born in Otjiworongo, a city of 28 000 inhabitants in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia; where he spent most of his teenage life.

    Uirab realized that his IT skills and knowledge had enough potential to simplify the lives of Namibians and those of the advertisers.

    …and he did exactly that.

    The app uses geo-location tech to beam offers specific to the user’s area of interest.

    His app revolutionizes the way companies advertise their products.

    It saves time and money in developing a mass media campaign.

    The beauty of the app is that they have a wide range of merchants accommodated on it from small businesses such as barbershops to the big shot companies.

    This is how the Loc8 app works on the advertiser side – it gives the age and gender stats to the business, enabling them to advertise directly to their target market.

    For example, if a company is running a campaign on voluntary polio vaccinations for children at the local clinic, the platform is so detailed in which it can send out notifications to parents of children of a certain age probably at risk of getting polio in that specific area.

    The app gives the advertiser the pore to target a specific market and replacing all the hassles of having to go through each URL for the best services offered. With easy use from your mobile device, Loc8 is able to assist the kind of business you are in need of.

    Uirab said technology changes the way advertising was done before.

    The app is custom made to the needs of Namibians. Which the response from Namibians has thus been good with over 1000 users so far.

    Uirab studied IT and due to financial constraints, he dropped out and had to work starting from just general office work before going into Namibia Media holdings and Trustco Group International as a manager.

    That only worked for a few years until he decided to quit and become self-employed.

    With all that he has achieved and done for his country, he still wants to build an effective system tailored to the existing ICT infrastructure in Namibia

    See? Whatever you set your mind to, you will achieve it no matter the constraints you may come across.

    Now, imagine if you study for a BSc (Hons) in Mobile Computing and get exposed to all the technology in the world…what would you want to change for the best – for your country?

    Apply today and start simplifying life for the better.