Becoming A Leader In Your Organization

    You don’t need to be made a manager before taking the lead in your organization. You can fast-track your career path by developing leadership qualities regardless of your present grade or rank. Practicing these seven steps will get you noticed and put you on the speedy path of promotion in your organization.

    1. See Yourself as a Stakeholder
    When you begin to think of the needs of your organization ahead of your own, you are well on the path of leadership. Do you think of your organization as “we” or “they?” A leader develops a clear understanding of the goals of the organization and delivers on those aspects that are required from him. Leaders also put the needs of their team members before theirs always, and this, in turn, builds loyalty within the team.

    2. Lead Even When You Are Not In Charge:
    Managing conflicts, offering an innovative solution and taking on difficult tasks are things that showcase the leader in you. You can be sure that senior management is watching for those who can get the job done, resolve conflicts and bring out the best in your co-worker. Taking the lead by example in this way will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

    3. Treat Other Well:
    Leadership at its most basic is about managing relationships. Treat every member of your team and the organization respectfully and with consideration, no matter how low or high up the ladder they may be. Sometimes the most seemingly unimportant staff become your staunch supporters and could be your angels in times of crisis.

    4. Use Feedback Positively:
    Instead of feeling hurt about criticism, use it to grow. Own up to your mistakes and take definite steps to get better. If for example, your manager complains about your report writing skills, simply go online, learn more about report writing, and deliver a dazzling job for your next report. This shows your boss that you are willing to learn and can make corrections without your ego getting in the way.

    5. Be a Team Player:
    Be collaborative all the time. Never shirk responsibilities and be cheerful about taking on difficult tasks. Always give credit to the team. Remember, the senior management is watching for those who, when involved in projects, ensure it succeeds and works well in teams.

    6. Keep Improving:
    Being excellent at what you do is essential, but don’t forget to constantly upgrade your skills. The world is fast paced and you must continually develop the needed skills to keep you at the top. It could include getting an online degree, an MBA, a master’s degree, learning a language, or learning a bit more about digital technologies. Stay abreast of the trends and you are sure to remain relevant.

    Practice these tips at work and you will be well on your way to getting the loyalty of your peers and the attention of the boss! With diligence and focus, you can be sure that your name will come up when the next opportunity for promotion comes up.

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