Boitekanelo College Library Benchmark from Botho University Library

    Boitekanelo College Library team visited Botho University Library for e-Library benchmarking exercise on the 13th of July 2023. The Team was led by the Head of Department, Ms. Keikantsemang Mabote, who was accompanied by IT Manager, Ms Tuduetso Tshane, Librarians Mr Joshua Gachala and Thuso Lesele. Ms. Mabote relayed the structure, services, and E-library development status. She said the intention is to build the E-Library such that it best serves the interest of staff and students.

    Mr Alois Mhundwa, LTRE Assistant Manager, gave an overview of LTRE with emphasis on the Library functionalities. He highlighted that Botho University’s teaching and learning is driven by technology, and the library is aligned to provide technology-based services. Therefore necessary IT infrastructures, systems, and skills development is a crucial part of the department.

    Ms Katanego Kate Nkoko, Catherine Mogotsi, and Kelemwork A. Kassahun shared various functions and responsibilities of the Library, such as implementation and management of Library systems, databases, and institutional repositories.

    The highlight was the E-library service provision and support, which is offered 24/7. In closing, Ms. Mabote appreciated the information exchange and saw the visit as the beginning of a working partnership between the two libraries.