Botho University encourages students to reach their full potential

    Education Is changing rapidly around the world. Schools constantly have to come up with fresh ideas and practices of learning related to the 21st century to keep up with the times.

    Botho University, through its Graduate Profile aims to produce future- orientated students and skilled graduates.

    The Botho Graduate Profile is characterised by a list of skills, knowledge, attitudes that students will need to develop in order to participate in a range of life context beyond varsity.

    It encourages students to reach their full potential and helps them build their competencies. Preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century in the work place.

    The Botho Graduate Profile enhances chances of success after the student has graduated with the university.

    With the current economic state hindering many graduates from finding jobs within their fields. Both University implemented the graduate profile to empower students to gain experience before they graduate.

    Students are given an opportunity to test their skills through development and internship programmes offered at Botho University.

    If you are enrolled at Botho University and you want to achieve success in your life, the only way to do that is to develop and adopt a graduate profile. Botho University prides itself in producing employable graduates.

    Partaking in extracurricular activities including sports, debates to gain and improve skills is also encouraged.

    Why it is useful?

    • It benefits all stakeholders in university learning.
    • Increases efficiency
    • Transforms students thinking to taking a more outcome- orientated approach.
    • Students use it for their future planning for study or employment.
    • Gives students an opportunity to be self -reflective.

    Our graduates possess the necessary skills and knowledge that enables them to cope in all aspects of life.

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