Botho University Engages with Kgari Sechele Senior Students at Regional Career Fair in Kweneng District!

    On the 15th of August, Botho University embarked on a purposeful journey to the Kweneng District for a Regional Career Fair. The event was graced by esteemed figures, including Hon. Nnaniki Wilhemina Tebogo Makwinja, Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, who honored the occasion, alongside Botho University’s Vice Chancellor, Sheela Raja Ram, and the dedicated Botho staff. The event’s success was further elevated by the active participation of stakeholders from diverse industries and esteemed tertiary institutions. Their valuable insights provided indispensable guidance to students as they charted their paths toward the future.

    With enthusiasm, students seized the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with professionals, exploring various potential career paths. During her address, Vice Chancellor Sheela Raja Ram emphasized the significance of the three Cs, Critical Thinking: Making informed decisions through comprehensive exploration, Communication: Expressing ideas with clarity and empathy, and Collaborative Working: Mastering teamwork and intercultural communication for attain success “As you navigate challenges and seize opportunities, these principles should be held close for a promising future”.

    Botho University’s steadfast dedication to nurturing excellence and personal growth was visibly evident throughout the entirety of the event.