Botho University-Namibia’s Choir Triumphs at Unam-Oshakati Campus Students’ Social Evening

    Choir members, Herman Nangolo the Organiser and Ms Petrina Hangula SAAD-Officer.


    Botho University-Namibia’s choir showcased their exceptional talent at the University of Namibia-Oshakati campus Students Christian Movement of Namibia’s social evening on July 22. The event celebrated unity, talent, and spiritual growth, bringing students together.

    The choir impressed the audience with heartfelt recitations of Bible verses that touched their hearts and showcased their strong connection to their faith. They won the first prize trophy, a certificate, and two motivational books in the prestigious Bible reading competition. In addition to that, the choir participated in the singing competition and earned a well-deserved third place with their mesmerizing angelic harmonies and captivating repertoire.

    The social evening was a memorable occasion that fostered togetherness among students from different universities, celebrating the joy of music and faith.