Botho University Welcome First-Year Students!

    Botho University welcomed new students to the Botho University Family on the 24th of July, 2023. In her speech, the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sheela Raja Ram, congratulated the students and celebrated those who secured sponsorships, recognizing their remarkable achievements. She emphasized personal motivation and goal setting, highlighting Botho’s unique presence in five countries and its technology-driven approach through BDL.

    She encouraged students to focus on attendance, attention, and practice, stressing the importance of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration for success. Dr. Raja Ram assured the students at the university’s commitment to their success and urged them to embrace change with a growth mindset. Botho University offers numerous opportunities for students to connect with employers and industry experts in Africa and worldwide.

    The Welcome Day celebration sets the stage for a transformative journey to success for the new students and Botho University.