Botho University’s Destination Bootcamp Empowers Students with Expert Guidance And Practical Skills

    Botho University’s Student and Alumni Affairs Department recently hosted the Destination Success Bootcamp, a carefully curated event spanning from November 16th to 17th, 2023. This specialised bootcamp aimed at empowering Botho University students and graduates through targeted professional development, fostering career confidence. The programme, facilitated by Botho University-SAAD and the HR Society of Botswana, offered participants exclusive access to tailored expert advice, focusing on crafting compelling CVs and mastering interview techniques.

    The two-day, in-person course emphasized active participation and practical application. Participants were actively encouraged to apply the concepts learned to their real-life scenarios in each session. This interactive format provided a unique opportunity for self-reflection on existing skills and traits, facilitating engagement with facilitators for valuable insights and fostering meaningful interactions among participants.

    During Day 1, esteemed presenters covered a spectrum of topics, ranging from Values and Imposter Syndrome to Team Dynamics, Accountability, Effective Conversation, Decision-Making, and Life Planning. The diversity of expertise presented ensured a comprehensive and enriching experience for all participants.

    On Day 2, the Standard Chartered team assumed a pivotal role in supporting students. They provided guidance on curriculum vitae (CV) development, assisted in refining pitching skills and engaged in interview role-plays.

    The overarching purpose was to instill confidence in students, arming them with essential tools to navigate the professional world successfully. This focused and hands-on approach on Day 2 complemented the broader skillset development initiated on Day 1, contributing to the overall success of the Destination Success Bootcamp.