BU celebrates library week 2022

    The Library, Teaching and Research Excellence (LTRE) department celebrated its second virtual Library Week from the 4th to 8th April 2022 themed “Connect with Your Library”. The theme aimed to encourage users to engage more with Library Staff, facilities, resources, technology, and service offered by the library.

    Esteemed University Librarian at the National University of Lesotho, Dr Buhle Mbambo-Thata shared a speech on the day’s theme “Connect Your Library”. Dr Buhle Mbambo-Thata highlighted the importance of how libraries should align their strategies with development agendas.

    She demonstrated the role of Libraries in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs), Africa Union Agenda (AU) 2063, National Development Plans (NDPs) and Institutional Strategies that involve advocacy with government decision-makers, raising awareness in the library community and activities that align with agendas and national developments. BU provided targeted training to Non-Academic Staff across the campuses to ensure access to resources which is key in academic and human development.