BU-DHBW University Sustainable Tourism Module Project Launched

    On the 25th November 2020,  Botho University took part in the collaboration event launch with the DHBW-Lorrach University, through BU’s Faculty of Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism. The two parties were jointly awarded a grant for  funding the Development of a Technologically Integrated Sustainable Tourism Education program. This project will see both institutions developing a practical oriented yet technologically integrated Sustainable Tourism Module which will transform the way Sustainable Tourism is taught in the universities.

    The 130 000 Euro project will also involve student and staff exchange with 30 students from either university visiting the other university as well as getting engaged in a local community-based sustainable tourism project. By participating in community-based projects, students from both universities will strengthen their collaboration and humanitarian traits, helping them to appreciate other cultures thereby making them useful citizens in the national and global community. This will also expose students to the international community thereby increasing their employability.

    A minimum of 5 Botho University staff members will also visit DHBW Cooperative University as part of academic and cultural exchange. The exchange programs will also see lecturers from the two universities delivering both virtual and on sight lectures to students in the partner university. The Botswana Tourism Organisation has pledged to support this initiative to its fruition.  The whole idea is to leverage on each other’s expertise as well as comparative advantage.