BU rolls out seminars for online programmes in Namibia

    In the online marketing space, face-to-face interaction is a powerful strategy to effectively hook up with those target audiences that maybe sitting on the fence.

    Most probably they (target audience) would be in doubt of the genuineness of products / services offered. They would be keen to ask the right questions to the actual people behind the organization and what they are claiming to offer.

    They look forward to getting an opportunity to receive key information concerning credibility of the programmes, which is paramount.

    Once they are convinced only then can they enroll in an educational programme.

    We, at Botho University Blended & Distance Learning Programmes (BDLP) realizes the potential that lies in showing face to our target audience.

    In that light, we recently planned and embarked on a series of seminars targeting potential students in Namibia.

    The plan is to conduct seminars in the country to learn more on our online programmes. During the same seminars, interested parties get to hear about the online education platform’s available flexible payment plans. The plan is available in 6 easy instalments.

    The seminars are running as follows:

    • 31 January – 3 Feb 2020 – Ongwaediva at Galaxy Hotel from 8AM to 5PM: Seminar 5.30PM to 6.30PM.
    • 4 Feb 2020 – Ohangwena (at Ohangwena Library) 8AM to 5PM: Seminar 5.30PM to 6.30PM.
    • 5 Feb – Enhanna (at Monte Carlo Guest House) 8AM – 5PM: Seminar 5.30pm to 6.30PM
    • 7 Feb – 8 Feb 2020 Rundu (at Rundu Hotel) 8AM to 5PM: Seminar 5.30PM to 6.30PM.

    Potential students are advised to please bring their certified copies of transcripts.

    We are happy to inform funding by the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) is available under terms and conditions.

    Some of our BDLP courses are as below:

    -Post Graduate – Masters Programmes:

    -Master of Education in Higher Education

    -Master of Business Administration

    -Msc in Computer Systems Management

    -Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education

    Under Graduate / Bachelors Programmes:


    -Bsc (Honors) in Accounting

    -Bsc (Honours) in Computing

    -Bsc (Honours) in Business Management

    -Bsc (Honours) in Hospitality Management*

    -Bsc (Honours) in Network Security and Computer Forensics

    -Bsc (Honours) in Health Information Management

    -Bsc (Honours) in Mobile Computing

    -Bsc (Honours) in Multimedia Systems

    -Bsc (Honours) in Primary Education

    Make a date with the seminars and experience adventure learning with BU to reach your goals.

    March 2020 intake now open, come meet our friendly team at the recruitment road show.

    Reach your goals with BU, learn from anywhere, anytime.

    To register visit: