BU welcomes another international exchange student from Germany

    Susanna Schaffranek, a Business Management student from Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, joins three other students from Sweden for the BU International Exchange Student Programme, which lasts for a semester in the Gaborone campus. Schaffranek arrived end of January to start the exchange programme, and she already has glowing reviews about her experience thus far.

    “As I just arrived a few days ago, I can’t say much yet. But the people are really friendly and helpful. They make me feel welcome at Botho University. I haven’t had many classes yet, but the ones I had were great. Generally, it’s exciting to get to know more and more people and have some conversations. I’m incredibly thankful to everyone who helps me learn Setswana. Ke a leboga!” says Schaffranek

    Schaffranek says she jumped on the opportunity to come to Botho University because she loves travelling and the adventure that comes with getting to know new cultures and languages. She further notes that she knew right away that she would like to do an exchange semester at the beginning of her studies. She looks forward to exploring what Botswana and Botho University have to offer, gaining more insight into the education system, and making new friends around the campus.