BU’s Successful Professional Costume Day Event Highlights

    On August 24, 2023, Botho University achieved great success by hosting an energetic Professional Costume Day event. During the event, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor Aravinda Ram shared some valuable insights:

    Stay Curious: Approach tasks with a curious mindset, similar to how a child explores the world. Keep asking questions, learn from different angles, and maintain your sense of wonder.
    Goals with Meaning: Set exciting goals that align with your dreams. These goals provide a sense of purpose and make your journey more satisfying.
    Embrace Creativity: Think beyond the ordinary, try out new ideas, and take calculated risks. Being innovative adds passion to what you do.

    Celebrate Progress: Even the smallest achievements are important. They bring positivity and serve as reminders of how far you’ve come.
    Team Up: Collaborate with people who share your interests. Working together brings fresh ideas and makes tasks more enjoyable.
    Balance Matters: Take care of your well-being. Balancing different aspects of life keeps your enthusiasm alive.
    Her speech emphasized that while career choices significantly impact our overall happiness, the path to a dream career often includes challenges like setbacks, rejections, and moments of uncertainty.

    The event was graced by notable individuals including Lieseka Mukokomani, Education Specialist at UNICEF, Kebalemogile Mokopi, Acting Director from the Department of Employment Services at the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, Bagele Masimole, Youth Program Manager at the Department of Employment Services and Uyapo Bobo Samuel.