Deans’ awards champion: Gobakwe Ramadi

    Botho University prides itself in producing industry-ready graduates that think beyond the classroom and are ready to compete in today’s global job market. Ms Gobakwe Ramadi is truly the champion of the Deans’ Awards; she received the 9th Award at the February ceremony and she will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Health Information Management in June. Throughout her studies, Ms Ramadi has completed nine semesters and received all nine Deans’ Awards.

    Ms Ramadi beams with pride and says having received the award every semester has been a motivation to excel academically and prove that anything is possible. She further said that her fellow students from the Faculty of Health & Education see her as a role model which has further pushed her to manage to get the awards throughout the nine semesters of her studies.

    Ms Ramadi exemplifies Botho University’s principles of excellence, leadership and innovation as she has a lot of accolades which she states that BU has opened endless opportunities for her both academically and professionally. Her list of accomplishments during her studies includes writing a book about her journey to the United States of America titled Out for 37 Days, sharing her story on her Fulbright Scholarship for ‘Students Leaders in Civic Engagement’, and founding her own civic engagement clubs (GBK Tuition Centre, GBK Food Bank & Youth with Hope Club) that she has used for community engagements projects. “After graduation, I’m looking forward to doing my Masters in Epidemiology and PhD in Health Informatics. I want to be one of the great epidemiologists in Botswana, Africa and globally,” says Ms Ramadi about her future plans.