End the year not the dream to upgrade yourself!

    It’s that time of the year when most people’s activities deliberately or circumstantially grind to a halt.

    A time when packing for the holiday in a far off country, a resort tucked away in a remote corner of your country or just lazing up at home because holiday time affords you the luxury to do so.

    These all seem quite genuine reasons to cap a hectic 12 months and justify a Festive break.

    And does this sound familiar to you? Surely it does! After all, it’s quite deserved, isn’t it, especially as it’s during the Festive period when most people are expected to take their time off!

    The urge to relax and forget about important things in life during the Festive Season is a habit to most people. Yet, this is the time when those eyeing an upgrade in their educational life are “free” to prepare their future by Researching and Planning ahead on time.

    Therefore, without delay, the following tips should alert you for a perfect landing in your studies come 2020:

    Research should include focusing on the following:

    • Study programmes that are in demand.
    • Study programmes that suit your ambition/career path.
    • Accreditation of the courses offered.
    • Establish whether the particular university you want has links with other influential or leading universities around the world.
    • Check the profile of the educational institution you want to enroll with.
    • Vicinity of alumni for networking purposes.
    • Availability of scholarships or forthcoming promotions at your choice of institution.

    Planning should follow and would have to be around the following:

    • Making sure you buy or have access to a PC or laptop.
    • Knowing in advance where you can access free WIFI.
    • How you will navigate the challenge of high costs of data in your country.
    • How you will finance your study programmes.
    • Anticipate likely challenges and how you envisage circumventing them.

    Botho University graduates receive accredited, professional and post-graduate qualifications in readiness for either the corporate or entrepreneurial world. Study programmes are also designed to offer a peace mind to students through a monthly installment payment plan.

    So make the best of your time now by planning for your future and enroll with Botho University, a leading Distance Learning center in Nigeria.

    In addition to the West African region, BU’s programmes (campus based and online) are well established in four Southern African countries of Namibia, Lesotho and Eswatini as well as in Botswana, where the headquarters are located. Students learning via online also come from outside the SADC region.

    You have been advised, don’t relax too much this Festive Season, APPLY NOW and get started.