Entrepreneurship Internship for Undergraduates by a Hydroponic Project

    The youth population in Botswana represents more than 50% of the population. 35% to 41.4% of youth in Botswana are unemployed, including university graduates. Though entrepreneurship education and the government institutional framework provide a conducive environment for entrepreneurship, this hydroponic project intends to bridge graduate entrepreneurs’ challenges, such as lenders, and customers’ mistrust of youth entrepreneurs. They are not financially included. They lack managerial and leadership skills in entrepreneurship. They poorly manage risks associated with entrepreneurship and lack decision-making experience. Hence, the hydroponic project enables undergraduates to undergo an internship to develop knowledge skills, and competency in this real project located at Gaborone University, Botswana.

    After the internship, they can start their own Do It Yourself (DIY) hydroponic vertical farming ventures for wholesale, retail, and hospitality as buyers. They will become environmentally responsible entrepreneurs who are green agricultural entrepreneurs. For example, they save 90% of water using previously discarded plastic bottles for creating wick systems. The Wick system is water-absorbing. It enables the soil to draw water and nutrients from the reservoir/ water deposit in the bottom part of the bottle units to the plant (wick system). Each plant needs one or two wicks. It means two previously used bottles.

    Project Team Members
    The project team consists of;

    • Prof. Olumide Jaiyeoba (Current Lead for Operations)
    • Dr. Shantha Indrajith H. Liyanage (Ex-lead up to the funds granted & Current Secretary),
    • Dr. Priya Iyer
    • Dr. Ivy Mathew
    • Prof. Robert Machera
    • Dr. Aparna Kadiyala.