Eswatini SAAD Visits Makholokholo Children’s Cup Mercy Centre

    Top: Makholokholo Children in a group photo. Bottom Left: The Eswatini SAAD Team planting. Bottom Right: The Eswatini SAAD Team playing games with Makholokholo children.


    The Eswatini Student and Alumni Affairs Department recently made a significant impact during their visit to the Makholokholo Children’s Cup Mercy Centre in the Manzini Region. Over 400 children were provided with meals, lovingly prepared on-site. The team also launched a garden project, planting various crops while addressing immediate hunger needs. The project will be regularly monitored every four weeks to track the impact of the initiative.

    There were motivational speeches during the event to encourage high school students to pursue their dreams and conquer obstacles, while engaging games kept the younger children entertained. The donation of recreational balls brought immense appreciation from the children. Additionally, the team facilitated wellness check-ups, emphasizing the importance of the children’s overall well-being.