FHST Students Undertake a Community-Based Tourism Project in Manyana

    The Faculty of Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism (FHST) third-year students under the Web-based Hospitality Applications module have recently embarked on a project that aims to contribute to the growth of Manyana Community Development Trust. The trust is based in Manyana village and is responsible for various community-based tourism activities in Manyana. The Web-based Hospitality Applications module is specially created to provide students with Tourism web-based applications, which are related to software platforms that are intended to aid various aspects of tourism.

    The students intend to create a website that showcases tourist attractions in Manyana village. The project is underway and a website should be handed to the community by the end of April 2023 with the assistance of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. This undertaking serves as a pragmatic exercise in fostering meaningful engagement within the community.