In Lagos if you snooze, you lose so upgrade yourself and your business today

    For Ugo, the hustle is real. He knows like everyone else knows that in Lagos (Nigeria), the home of the hustle, if you snooze, you lose.

    His business, started since his days on campus, has more or less thrived and but somehow still hasn’t helped him achieve the “big boy” status he dreams of.

    Instead of growing, these days business has been a bit slower than usual.

    His dream had been to build a business conglomerate right in there in his home city that could compete with any foreign-owned business in his field. Though still profitable, he realizes that it has not made any significant changes in its operations since his university days. It’s been 7 years now.

    I’m stuck. I need an upgrade. He muses.

    Somehow, Ugo knows that for his business to move to the next level, he must get new information, new skills to compete in today’s world. The business degree he got in the early 2000’s just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    He knows he needs a Master’s in Business Administration, MBA.

    The problem is, he cannot afford to leave his business for over year to study. He wants to get an MBA that will be respected all over the world. One that will equip him to expand his business, not just a degree on paper. Apart from his reluctance to travel for a long time, he also has to deal with the issue of cost. He just cannot afford the usual fees for MBA’s from outside the country.

    What can Ugo do?

    If you, like Ugo, also having been pondering upgrading your qualifications but have a modest source of income, or lack of time to devote to study full-time, an online degree may be the answer. You may want to consider enrolling in an online master’s degree that is affordable, recognized and flexibly paced.

    Online programs give you a quality education, the choice to work and school at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of most foreign universities. Some, like Botho University, provide flexible monthly payments to make it even easier.

    Take the right steps now, and gain the skills and knowledge you need for a more profitable future, upgrade not only yourself but your business today.

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