It’s back to school time– Janu-worry-not BU has a plan for you!

    It’s that time of the year again…back to reality and, for most of us, back to school.

    The big question is are YOU ready?

    Ready to kick start your career and become what you’ve always dreamt of becoming?

    You’re probably excited to chart a new course for your career though maybe still a little sad that the summer is over and so is the festive season.

    For many aspiring students, finances, or the lack thereof, are also probably a very real worry right now too.

    But worry not, with Botho University we understand these challenges our students face and the good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to further your study.

    Be it in January- a month of financial hangover, we have flexible payment plans to best suit your pockets, and students have the option of paying in monthly installment packages. How cool is that?

    We also understand that every New Year, people tend to make resolutions as a symbol to achieve certain goals for that year and this is the ripest time to think about what you have always wanted to become.

    Why not let us help you by adding a qualification to the notches of your career ladder?

    To those of you that have already enrolled as first-year student, firstly, we would like to congratulate you on securing a space at Botho University!

    We understand that being a first-year varsity student can be tricky, but luckily for you, you will still be home but just adding another hobby to your life.

    Setting a resolution is easy, but sticking to it is the tricky part.

    Because of most New Year resolutions only last until mid-Jan or Feb, when registered you will always know that you have the responsibility to build your future.

    Well, because we care for our students, we thought we should give you some tips on how to make 2020 your year and show you that enrolling with us was a great move for your career.

    • Study to learn.
    • Stick to your timetable.
    • Complete your assignments the day before the submission date.
    • Do NOT procrastinate, do it NOW rather.

    To those who still wish to apply and join our blended family, we still have January intakes. Our call center agents are ready to help you during the application process.

    We hope that this year will be different from last year. It is important to set New Year’s resolutions as it creates stability and can help you pull through to the finishing line, so you can look back and proud of what you have achieved.

    Remember though, the most important thing about creating or rather having goals is achieving them.

    So now we leave the ball in your court, time to decide what to do with it! APPLY NOW