Join Windhoek’s finest with an online Finance degree while you work

    Choosing the right study programme and the right place to study is an important decision that will significantly impact your future. At the end of the day, you have to decide for yourself but to help you get there, it is important to get advice from your parents, career advice counselors and friends.

     To give you some food for thought. I would like to tell you a story of a guy we will call Daniel.

    When Daniel graduated from high school, he decided he was interested in a career in business. At that young age though he was not yet entirely certain what a career in business would mean or what kind of company he would like to work for. He hadn’t even thought that far.

    All he knew was he wanted to be just like his neighbor’s son, let’s call him Oluda. Now this guy was a big shot in the neighborhood already, yet he had only graduated college a year ago! Daniel knew that Oluda had gone straight to work after high school in a local bank and yet he also somehow managed to pull off graduating with a degree in Finance!Interesting.

    Oluda wasn’t even 30 years old, yet he was driving the biggest double cab car in their street! Of course, as everyone in Windhoek knows, all the social flyers are known to wear the latest trending brands in Namibia. Oluda wore them all from the local 061 clothing, Masho wear, fashion designers like R uberto Scholtz to top international designs.

    Daniel wasn’t really sure how Oluda rose so quickly, but he new he wanted to be exactly like him one day. One day, Daniel finally mustered the courage to confront his role model and ask him, just how he did it. So he decided to give him a call.

    To his surprise, Oluda was very happy to hear from him and even suggested they meet for a drink and lunch at the famous Jojo’s music and Art Cafe! Jojo’s is considered Windhoek’s hippest creative culinary hotspot, uniting fine dining with creative and interesting cooking methods. Daniel had never imaged he would wine and dine there and this made his even more eager to be more like his role model.

    After an invigorating and relaxed meal, Daniel finally discovered Oluda’s secret to success, Oluda told him how he studied online while working part-time at the bank to attain his much lauded degree.

    The degree Oluda did was with a university right here in Southern Africa, Botho University which offers blended and distance learning for students who want to learn while they pursue other interests in their lives.

    Daniel went on to investigate further the finance career option and decided to enrol for the BSc (Hons) in Finance, as this moment he is now  in the third year of his studies. He now works as a cashier in a local supermarket, so he is able to help out at home with his 3 siblings still in school and balance his studies quite easily. 

    Daniel did his research and made up his mind about what he wanted to study and where. He has absolutely no regrets that he chose the right course and the right mode of study for him.

    The programme develops an understanding of finance with accounting practices, commerce and industry. Opportunities are widely available.

    If you identify with Daniel’s story, you too can take up this course or choose from a variety of other programs available under distance -learning at BU. When Daniel was doing his research on the course. He found that the finance sector is multifaceted, offering various positions catering to different skills and interests. Here are some solid facts about this course for further consideration.

    Career opportunities you can pursue with this qualification and other related courses from this faculty:

    Finance is broad and there are many different avenues to it. For example, commercial banking provides services to individuals and small business whereas investment banking operates on a much larger scale providing services to large corporations and high net worth individuals.

    This is one of the most sought  after careers for finance or business study graduates because it is economically rewarding.

    There are many other different roles in finance like investment banking, venture capital, sales, private equity, trading etc. One of the major benefits of studying finance is that you directly where the money is, so how can you be apart from it!

    Be like Daniel. take a step towards following your dream career path. Apply now with Botho Blended and distance learning. Apply now.