Lesotho Campus Soccer & Volleyball Extravaganza

    Botho University, Lesotho Campus recently hosted an exhilarating extravaganza featuring Volleyball and Soccer. This event brought together students from various semesters, igniting a spirit of competitiveness as they vied for the prestigious title of 2023 champions.

    The tournament featured four soccer teams, each representing Maseru Mall Campus and Khubetsoana Campus. Additionally, there were dedicated male and female volleyball teams representing each campus. The tournament commenced with the first round of matches at the Katlehong Football grounds on August 26th, 2023, culminating in an electrifying finals showdown on September 2nd, 2023, at the Khubetsoana Grounds.

    The results of the finals were as follows:

    Male Soccer: Year 5 emerged victorious with a thrilling 3:2 victory.
    Ladies Soccer: Maseru Mall secured a hard-fought 2:1 win.
    Male Volleyball: Khubetsoana Campus triumphed with a score of 3:1.
    Ladies Volleyball: Khubetsoana claimed victory by default.
    In recognition of their outstanding performances in the tournament, all four victorious teams were honored with well-deserved trophies.