Move up the corporate ladder with a BU online Master’s degree!

    Lola had been trying without success to move up the corporate ladder.

    Earlier on she had thought that it was because she was female. She tried her best to prove that she was equal to any man on the job. She was quick to take on additional responsibilities, she was friendly and respectful, focused and efficient, and she never dropped the ball.

    Yet there seemed to be a glass ceiling that she just couldn’t break through.

    One day, out of despair, she reached out to a female director, within the organisation, called Dr. Ojeih. She was at her wits end. She needed a solution, fast.

    What her new mentor told her was so simple yet profound. However a lot of professionals miss this simple fact, even though it’s right under their noses.

    “In a well-structured organisation, abilities and skills have their place. But qualifications are just as important. “

    Dr. Ojeih took off her spectacles, wiped them, and continued her steady gaze. “My dear,” she continued, “You are hard- working and a top performer. However, you only have a bachelor’s degree. I can tell you that when the next opportunity for a promotion comes up, your colleagues with a master’s degree will have a stronger advantage.”

    Lola was shocked, but grateful that someone had finally solved her dilemma. She immediately decided that she would start applying for admission at Universities abroad.

    Lola ran into another problem. Her present job was a good one. It provided a sufficient source of income and had great prospects for growth. She did not want to leave her job in order to get a master’s degree.

    Does this sound like you?

    Perhaps you, and Lola would be perfect candidates for an online master’s program.

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