BU Conducts a Cyber Security Awareness Workshop for Rainbow Senior Students Featured




Botho University’s Faculty of Computing organized a cyber security awareness workshop for Rainbow Senior Secondary School students. The workshop, conducted for Form 4 and 5 students, included presentations meant to create awareness on cyber security threats in the world, as well as the effects of cyber security. Through the use of informative and educational videos, the students were given an overview of what to use and what not to use in the cyber world, especially with new technologies. There was also a demonstration of the basics of ethical hacking demonstrating the limits of hacking and ethical hacking.

Towards the end of the session, students were invited to ask questions about cyber security. The workshop was very informative to the students and staff members from Rainbow, who appreciated the university‘s efforts in trying to make education accessible to students at an early stage. They recommended that the university should consistently organize such events for students in future.