Team UB Emerges Victorious In Inter-Varsity Debate Championship!

    On August 22nd to 26th, the stage was set at Botho University Gaborone Campus for the 2nd Inter-Varsity Debate Competition. Team University of Botswana_Official outshined the competition, securing the championship title. Kudos to New Era College for their exceptional performance as First Runner Up.

    The event, hosted by Change Africa organization, united bright minds from Botswana to tackle crucial national issues:

    Enhancing Cybersecurity: Does Botswana Need a National Cybersecurity Agency?
    Balancing Education: Arts vs. STEM in Botswana’s Schools.
    Fair Housing: Can a ‘Mansion’ Tax Aid Affordable Rent Programs?
    Sustainable Tourism: Prioritizing Ecotourism Over Mass Tourism.
    Participating institutions included the University of Botswana, Botho University, Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies, BA ISAGO, Botswana Accountancy College (Francistown), Botswana Accountancy College (Gaborone), Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies.

    Under the theme “Empowering Youth for a Stronger Future: Exploring Pathways to Better Employment,” this event underscored the potential of Botswana’s youth.