Univen & BU Explore Collaborative Opportunities

    Top: Representatives of UNIVEN & BU Senior Management with Botho University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sheela Raja Ram and UNIVEN Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Bernard Nthambeleni. Bottom Left: The UNIVEN team was taken on a campus tour. Bottom Right: BU Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sheela Raja Ram gave UNIVEN Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Bernard Nthambeleni a token of appreciation.


    On the 12th May 2023, The University of Venda, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Bernard Nthambeleni, Botho University, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sheela Raja Ram, engaged in a fruitful meeting to explore collaborative opportunities. The focus of their discussions encompassed research collaboration, entrepreneurship integration, and initiatives in renewable energy.

    Moreover, the meeting delved into partnerships with leading German and US companies, funding prospects, international learning programs, and cross-faculty collaborations. The meeting also explored cybersecurity, co-supervision of students, and professional development. The Centre for Renewable Energy funding secured for rural technology implementation, and TENSA initiative were also discussed.

    Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Director (Strategy), Ananth Ram, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Communications), Golekanye Setume, Botho University Academic Deans and some members of staff were among those who were engaged in the discussions.