Why an IT Degree is more beneficial in this era

    We are living in the 21st century where almost everything relies on technology. Technology continues to make human life easy by doing all the hard labour people used to do. We are in the midst of a technological revolution that is making the world an easier place to live.

    IT “Information Technology” is the study of systems and providing services related to software’s and databases. With the use of these skills, companies can function more effectively and maximise productivity.

    After obtaining a university degree in this field, you could get a job as Programmer, Web developer, IT engineer or in Software security.

    Botho University’s faculty of Computing offers a variety of IT programs through our blended and online learning platform including the popular Master in Computer System Management degree for those already in the field, seeking to buttress their career.

    For those starting out, studying IT in this era is beneficial because you will acquire skills that are relevant to the direction in which the world is moving towards. You would acquire skills that will improve the quality of life, especially of people in your community.

    Benefits of studying IT:

    • Creating useable systems and programs
    • IT graduates never struggle to find jobs
    • Diversity of IT skills

    The world has moved towards the so called “Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR)”. Although the negatives of this era can never outweigh the positives, 4IR has blurred the boundaries between the physical and digital world.

    “New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It’s all about how people choose to see it.” – David Wong.

    As quoted above, even though technology may come known disadvantages, when used right, it is beneficial. The Internet with the use of technology is making things more readily available and more accessible, an advantage BU has made use of to make our online education programs available to all potential students anywhere you may be in the world.

    A lot of software, applications and programs have been developed to make life easy, uch as artificial robots that can think like humans for personal and commercial use. These days fast food restaurants no longer have actual humans who assist customers to make orders, you are now assisted by a machine from selecting your order to making payments.

    New technology has improved in making computers smart enough to process a huge amount of data at a high speed. The inventor of online shopping, Michael Aldrich, used IT skills and knowledge to make that a success, by creating a useable program that has made transactions easy between the consumers and businesses.

    The future of the world or rather of the next generation, lies in the hands of the youth. The youth have ideas and opinions that have the potential to change the world for the better. The youth in the workforce, can rapidly pick up new technology and master it.

    Either way, majority of the youth are always on their devices and what better way is there to reach them, than to study IT and gain useful, relevant knowledge and skills that you can put to good use.

    IT graduates never struggle to find jobs because new jobs are emerging for those who can create the new technologies. Many businesses operate at the forefront of new technological trends.

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