Your future is more affordable than you think

    You have explored all your options, thought long and hard about studying for a degree. You have decided to go for it! The only thing you are concerned about now is how are you going to afford it.

    The ‘price tag’ attached to your degree sounds like a scary sum. Your get heart palpitations by just looking at it.

    You are not alone! Many prospectus students are faced with the same dilemma.

    But do you know that you have some options?

    Students who work or have parents that work are eligible for significant tuition assistance.  Most universities have a division specifically for helping students from low income families get into varsity.

    Financial aid can cover tuition, books, transportation.

    You can also apply for scholarships and bursaries, the tricky thing about them is that you have to quality so there are requirements and criteria a student has to meet in order to get the bursary.

    Another is option is planning, plan from conception; take extra jobs, save money and have an education trust. This can take a few years if you can start immediately.

    Who said University has to be expensive?

    Botho university offers a flexible fee payment plan where students can pay their fees in instalments. We offer affordable online degrees at your convenience.

    You can study while you work with our online and distance learning programmes. We do not want anyone to get left behind!

    Pay for your education without taking out loans and wrecking up debts.

    You may be in a situation where you do not have the finances and you do not see any way that can possibly afford to pay for your fees. Well, don’t worry because there are many options you can explore.

    Education is one of the best life investments you can make for yourself. And your future-self will be thankful for it.

    Do not let your dream become a nightmare!