Be prepared for Africa’s growing commercial and video production

    The craft of making commercial and music video productions has seen so many changes ever since the art began.

    On the African continent the rise of corporate and entertainment players, continue to turn the video making sector into big business.

    Corporate video 

    The art of commercial video production entails the creation of the final product of video content by businesses or individuals for marketing purposes including promoting their brand, products, and services.

    However, under “commercial video production” the following products can also be found: corporate video production services that cover internal communication videos, corporate training videos, talent recruitment videos, videos related to conferences and seminars and so on.

    There are also marketing videos, PR videos for web and animation/motion graphics and so on.

    Music video

    This is probably the most popular among people of various age groups but mainly the youths, for its high entertainment value. Youths and other elderly music fanatics take hours watching music videos daily as a form of amusement.

    The process of producing content for a music video is just like filmmaking, with the only difference being that images are recorded digitally instead of on film stock. During video production video content (moving images/videography) is captured and involves filming the subject(s) of the video.

     Music video production is influencing the way artists/musicians are perceived by fans – both old and new. Artists are always casting an eye on the best talent that can produce high quality and entertaining videos that reflect their status and brand.

    Going global

    From South Africa to Nigeria, thousands of videos (commercial or music) are produced annually, making the industry a growing employer and sustainable.

    More importantly, video products are being consumed in global markets, where they stand to win awards. This translates to the necessity for professionals in music video making.

    While entry into the industry is for everyone, it’s mainly the young that are finding both the commercial and music video production sectors exciting and therefore worthy to venture in.

    It’s the dream of any young person to work on a video of a leading or the next biggest artist. There is also the lure of contributing to an award-winning television commercial. The journey starts with an accredited qualification from an institution like Botho University’s BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Systems.

    Enroll with the Blended and Distance Learning Programme for your next big break in the commercial or music video production industry.