• Career Growth November 1, 2021

    Fly high and be ‘phly” with BU!

    Imagine globe-trotting, lounging around hotel pools, getting comp entry to clubs, enjoying helicopter rides and regularly visiting ‘once in a lifetime’ destinations as part of your job. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Having to travel all over the world, meeting new people while looking impeccably glamorous and “phly”! Anara Shikongo, 24, jets around the world in […]

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  • Career Growth October 15, 2021

    Fighting poverty… BU to the rescue!

    You know what they say about making ends meet right? To get by financially just to get through the next pay period, basically we call it “survival mode”. Not because you enjoy being in that situation, but only because it gets you by. Also because it allows you go to sleep with your stomach full. […]

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  • DO better, BE better in your career with BU online!

    Are you at that stage of your life where you just need a fresh challenge? Something new, exciting that totally tests your limits and gets you out of that dreary hum-drum that has become your day-to day life. Maybe, upgrading your career is start? Are you struggling through picking the right online university that offers […]

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  • Prosper in your career with BU’S corporate training.

    The ultimate goal of higher education is to produce effective leaders that will excel in their chosen professions, become valued and responsible citizens. Graduates possess the in-depth knowledge necessary to enter professions that are related to their areas of specialization. As part of education, students develop qualities, skills and techniques that enables them to achieve […]

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