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    Here we have Masego Pheko from University of Limpopo. She obtained her degree in education and now she is a qualified teacher at one of local schools in her town, Polokwane.

    Masego works in an intermediate level and she is very much passionate about her work. She enjoys working with people.

    She believes that giving back education to other kids motivates them to go to school and further their studies so they become the kind of people they envy to become.

    These kids also need the skills and guidance to do the right things. Masego needs to upgrade her qualifications in order to perfect her skills and learn how to guide her students better.

    Maybe a course like Botho University’s Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education.

    You too can do better and help others to also do better. Education is a tool which we need to pass onto our fellows so they use it and also pass onto the next generation.

    Look at this as an unbreakable chain. So tag along and chain yourself onto one.

    Below are the tips to follow when choosing the right career:

    • Know your strength
    • Discover your personality type
    • Take a career test
    • Seek advice from others
    • Work as an intern.

    Education can be pursued by whoever chooses it, at whichever point of their lives.
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