Fly high and be ‘phly” with BU!

    Imagine globe-trotting, lounging around hotel pools, getting comp entry to clubs, enjoying helicopter rides and regularly visiting ‘once in a lifetime’ destinations as part of your job. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Having to travel all over the world, meeting new people while looking impeccably glamorous and “phly”!

    Anara Shikongo, 24, jets around the world in her job as a flight attendant/ air hostess.

    When Anara was a little girl she would step outside whenever she heard a plane hovering in the sky, eagerly wave at the plane and make silent wishes. And one of her biggest wishes was to be on a plane one day as a flight attendant.

    Determined and inspired as the plane passes, she knew she had to make her wish a reality one day, and in her pursuit to do that she enrolled for a BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management after matric.

    In her studies, she found the Travel and Leisure module more interesting. She would sit in the library going through travel magazine, day- dreaming of visiting one of those luxurious destinations someday.

    Like many others in this field, travelling was one of the reasons she chose to be a flight attendant. After completing her studies, Anara landed her dream job as a flight attended at one of the biggest airlines in Africa.

    She was excited that she would now be able to live her dream and travel to all these beautiful destinations she used day-dream about.

    Same as any other job in the world, being a flight attendant has its advantages and disadvantages. Anara says the best advantage is to travel for free, having the opportunity to go to all these amazing countries and experience the local life during stopovers.

    As a flight attendant, Anara serves and manages passengers on board, making sure they are safe and comfortable.

    Anara says there is no average day in the industry she works in. You wake up in the morning not knowing where you will end up and that is the best part of her job.

    Anara has been a flight attendant for 8 years now, having travelled to over 100 countries.

    Although life on board gets lonely sometimes, being away from family and friends for a long period of time, but she would not have it any other way. She enjoys working as a flight attendant.

    Do you share the same dreams and aspirations as Anara when she was a child? Well, you can also make your silent wishes a reality.

    You too can fly high and become “phly” and with a BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management qualification from BU.

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