Fighting poverty… BU to the rescue!

    You know what they say about making ends meet right?

    To get by financially just to get through the next pay period, basically we call it “survival mode”.

    Not because you enjoy being in that situation, but only because it gets you by. Also because it allows you go to sleep with your stomach full.

    Well, that’s Bongi, Sis Bongi as most people call her.

    Bongi sells fruits and other foods at a secondary school in Swaziland. She hasn’t gotten a job ever since nor ever been to varsity because she didn’t have enough money to fund her fees.

    However, that didn’t stop her…

    Bongi is a 25 years old female, living in Swaziland together with her two siblings. They lost their parents from a tender age and Bongi being the older one, she had to step in and fill the big shoes.

    Right after passing her matric, she had to find ways to fend for her sibling, while taking them to the school she works at as a vendor.

    She is very appreciative of the fact that the principal allowed her to do her food business without having to pay rent…and thank goodness for that, she can now put food on the table.

    She has been selling food at that school for almost 5 years now, while getting to know the school, the teachers and the students too.

    Surely by now she knows all the ‘INS and OUT’ of the school, as well as how most things operate by now.

    Throughout her years working at the school, she has been studying for an
    MEd in Higher Education at Botho University, at the same time getting to know the school and the teachers so that when the time arrives for her to graduate, she can easily be informed about job openings and have a higher chance of being hired.

    Her inspiration to study for teaching is how much she has realised that education can actually take a person far and change one’s background.

    Although she wishes she had an easier upbringing, but dwelling on the past isn’t an option either.

    She would like to take her siblings to varsity right after they graduate, and that can only happen if she has a stable well-paying job.

    Only left with a few modules to graduate, Bongi appreciates all the help she received from the principal, to the children who kept supporting her business, to the girl next door who told her about Botho University, and all thanks to her Bongi will be able to turn her home’s situation around.

    Right after graduating, Bongi is positive that she will get hired, she has been assisting her two siblings with their homework for as long as she can remember, basically, she can now say she has tutoring experience.

    Fight poverty and improve the quality of life by getting hold of the most powerful tool- education with BU! APPLY NOW